The “BTU/orifice size” charts would probably be the “official. Gas Pressure? 4″ WC: 7″WC: 11″ WC : Gas use in Btus/hr: Gas use in Btus/hr An electric drill could easily break the small bits or damage the orifice. 2. The information contained in this chart is meant to be general. FAQ on coverting BBQ Grill from propane to natural gas – LP.

NATURAL: LP: NATURAL: LP: Inches of H2O: 3: 3.5: 4: 4.5: 7: 11: Inches of H2O. Either way, basically what you’re doing when going from natural gas to LP is changing to a smaller orifice to. ORIFICE CHART – NATURAL GAS (LP Gas Shown Below) The following chart indicates main burner orifice selections for vent-free models only. For instance, you can buy a gas conversion kit for the.
Gas grills, like

Natural Gas Conversion
Propane or L/P Gas Supply:,converting propane to natural gas,conversion table lp natural gas,gas range propane conversion kit,gas range propane conversion,gas stove conversion to propane,gas range to propane,gas to lp conversion

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